Discover Renaissance Halloween Costumes!

Halloween celebrations without costumes – unthinkable! Costumes are a major part of the fun of Halloween. If you’re like me, every year you search for an exciting, different Halloween costume. This year, let your Halloween costume choice be inspired, not by monstrous images and devilish looks, but by a Renaissance Halloween costume exhibiting the opposite of the traditional Halloween flair.

Ah, the Renaissance. The Renaissance Period (1350-1550) was the transition between the Medieval Era and the modern world. Renaissance means “revival” or “rebirth” and, as such, this period was a time of great achievements in the arts and sciences combined with deep religious concerns. The Renaissance Period has been called one of the most productive periods in all history.

Fashion began to play a huge role in the social status of people during this time. The distinction between those who were in power and had money and the peasants was clear. Clothing was the best way to distinguish between classes. Clothing was hand made, as expensive as the wearer could afford, and made the man or women who wore it.

Poor men, peasants, laborers and general people wore outfits made of cheap fabrics and ordinary designs. Obviously, they did not adorn jewels and other precious stones on their clothing. On the other hand, rich people – noblemen, kings, queens – wore costumes made of high and rich fabrics adorned with jewels and other precious stones.

Pick your Renaissance Persona

So the first step in selecting your Renaissance Halloween costume is to decide what role you will play. You should decide between an accurate persona or a fantasy character. The next decision is the class, profession, and region of your character. For your costume to be accurate, class matters. Members of the lower class (approximately 90% of the population), would have cheap clothing made of flannel, flax, and basic wool with little or no decoration. Middle class, merchants and lesser nobles, would wear generally higher quality fabrics, with some forms of decoration. For royalty, costume colors are deep and rich, adorned in jewels and the associated crown. Ladies of the court wore slightly paler colors and often tall pointed head wear.

Women Characters

Courtesans, Baronesses and even the Queen. Ornate, opulent and definitely not your everyday Halloween costume. There are so many colors and choices. You could really vamp it up and pick a Courtesan or bar wench costume. For more elegance and glamour, choose to be a Baroness, Queen or other lady of the court. All of these costumes are very flattering to any body shape and they are so gorgeous.

Men Characters

Men also have many choices – King, knight, court jester or Robin Hood.  Another option, perfect for the more robust fellow, is the executioner. A simple costume, it is a tunic with a black and ominous hood which should scare just about everybody as much as any of the scary and every day costumes!

People are choosing the Renaissance Period for Halloween costumes simply due to their versatility. These costumes can be worn, not only for Halloween, but to Renaissance Fairs and other parties throughout the year. Renaissance costumes are a perfect choice for everybody, women, men or children and and can be adapted to every shape and every size. Throughout our site we review some of the best available Renaissance Halloween costumes online.